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Ash and volcanoes; catastrophising and what if’s

Eyjafjallajoekull (Yur gat a kurt-clek) Volcano

Ashes to ashes

Over the last week the aeroplanes were grounded. I live in west London and it is common to hear aeroplanes fly overhead every thirty minutes. Sometimes they are so loud when I am in town conversation stops.  It has been pleasant and very quiet not hearing airplanes fly overhead. The loss to industry has however run into the millions. It does not only affect the airlines but also all the airline services, baggage, meals, cleaning, deliveries, overseas post, decisions and meetings had also been delayed or cancelled. So many people I know have not been able to get back. Continue reading


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World-cup anticipation, Sugar and the Township in Cape Town

Cape-town is in the middle of World Cup anticipation. Colours are flying, plants are being planted, streets being cleaned.  It is a truly beautiful city.

Sugar our guide is on the right

Last week I was shown round a township called Langa by ‘Sugar’ (who lives there) in Cape town. Sugar is a vibrant and energetic 22 year old with a smile of white perfect teeth that frame her face into a large bright sun. Sugar moves around cape town and the township as naturally as a fish swims in the sea. People are shown around the townships to educate them on the governments move towards providing permanent housing. Continue reading


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Marie Osmond, Child Depression and Suicide.

Marie Osmond at the Flamingo in Las Vegas.

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