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Exercise and Aging

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In therapy sessions, I often talk about the need for exercise and movement. Anything cognitive can only do so much for our minds….after that we need to work also on our body and spirit too. These areas so often integrate and make the individual and the whole work well together.

Research at The University of Miami among a sample of 876 people starting at an average age of 71, and carried out over 5 years; showed that the brains of non-exercisers looked 10 years older then those who did moderate exercise.

Memory loss was also reduced amongst those who exercised. The benefits of exercise are thought to be better circulation and vascular health.

Exercise can be walking regularly and even carrying y0ur shopping. But other pieces of research have shown how movement with different exercise movement also helps. Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Swimming and Yoga are examples of exercise where there is stretching and movement that is different. Dancing with variations in movement have also been shown to be effective.

Exercise and movement helps us to also age well not just physically but also mentally.

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Sleeping in the Heat

FanIt went to a high of 32 degrees Centigrade today in London. That may not be much compared to some other really hot countries; but the houses, schools, colleges, shops and public transport in the UK are not built for the heat.  The concrete in so many buildings and pavements also adds to the heat.

There is a lot of humidity and sleeping can be difficult if you are feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. It certainly can leave you hot and bothered, exhausted and very tired.

Various things you can do to keep you and your house/flat cool.

Keep your curtains closed in the day-time. Then before going to bed, (if it is safe and off course not subject to burglary nor insects) open the windows to get a breeze.

Air-conditioning is often used in some of the hot countries that are used to hot weather but these can be bad for respiratory conditions. Have you sometimes found yourself catching a cold when staying in hotels with air-conditioning? If you can it is best to use an electric fan and do switch off all electrical items when you leave a room. Use cotton bedding and clothing. These are far better then polyester and artificial clothing.

Eat less and light and no alcohol is best….as although it does put you to sleep it does not keep you asleep. Best not to have a cold shower either. Lukewarm water is best as it wont close your pores and stop you sweating – that makes you feel hotter instead.

Have good sleep

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Running on empty, self-care and the 7 servicing checks

running on Empty Today, running on empty seems to be a way of life. We keep ourselves awake with energy drinks, coffee, tea and energy foods. Where does the energy go, and for us to now need to consume energy in the form of liquids and solids? How did people manage years ago before they were invented? Were people just not getting out of bed ? What happened to our own internal energy that really keeps us going?  The motivation and the passion? How do we fill up at the petrol station with super motivation and run our own bodies for peak performance?

Self-care seems such a basic concept but even the car needs servicing – why not do the same for ourselves?

The following are the 7 service checks which helps you run smoothly. Continue reading

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The Olympics and High Inactivity Levels in UK

The Olympics are on now in the UK but research by the Federal University of Pelotax in Brazil found that we are one of the most indolent nations on earth. The University found that society seems to be moving to less activity but greater food consumption. British people have lower levels of activity than the US, France and the Republic of Ireland. Activity is classed as meeting the minimum of 30 minutes of moderate activity (a brisk walk) at least 5 days a week, then 20 minutes of vigorous activity 3 times a week. These two individually or a combination of the two every week is counted as an effective activity level. A whopping rate of 63% in the UK are inactive, 41% in USA are inactive, 71% in Malta are inactive (Malta has the honour of having the most inactive people in the world) and Greece has a much lower inactive rate of 16%.  The UK is very near to winning and being one of the most inactive peoples on earth. I almost felt like not writing this blog….. Continue reading

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My New Dress: Dressing for Confidence and not to please or impress other people

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