About me

Name: Yaz Headley. (PhD, MAPP. BABCP, UKCP)

Location: London, UK

My interest in writing this blog is to link what is going on in the world – holistically and psychologically. You will find a mix of articles from a range of areas and issues which crop up in the news. It is a very eclectic, psychological and metaphysical mix. I think no one is immune to issues; every human being at some time was born, some grew up to be teenagers, some young adults and others were fortunate to live further into the later years. All are subject to the human condition; no matter how famous, how rich, how great or how political. We all live, feel, think and live under the same moon and the same sun.

Do read the blogs, let me know your thoughts. Sometimes comments seem to be sucked up by ackimet (a software spam excluder in wordpress) but if your comments are framed well it will be passed on to me.  Look forward to hearing from you.

I am an integrative psychotherapist and coach, from a mixed background and have lived and travelled widely. You will find my practice for the last two decades + consists of an integrative therapy that brings together the cultures and therapies from the East and West. I am in private practice in London, UK.

My training and postgraduate studies have included an eclectic mix of:

Diploma in Sex and Relationship Therapy 2022 to present.

Imago Therapy Accreditation 2021

Certificate in Relationship and Sex Therapy 2020

PhD Integrative Mind-body Medicine 2019

Cognitive Therapy (Wpf London, Beck Institute in Philadelphia), 2008-2010

Psychodynamic and Integrative Psychotherapy (Regents College London), Masters 2004

Human Givens, (Human Givens Institute) Diploma 2004

Positive Psychology (University of Pennsylvania), MAPP Masters 2007

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Richard Bandler),  1996

Coaching – CoachU, Corporate U,  Graduate 1997

Meditative methods – Silva Mind control, Autogenic training, Mindfulness.

UKCP – United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapists – accreditation 2005

MBACP – Member of British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists