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Exercise and Aging

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In therapy sessions, I often talk about the need for exercise and movement. Anything cognitive can only do so much for our minds….after that we need to work also on our body and spirit too. These areas so often integrate and make the individual and the whole work well together.

Research at The University of Miami among a sample of 876 people starting at an average age of 71, and carried out over 5 years; showed that the brains of non-exercisers looked 10 years older then those who did moderate exercise.

Memory loss was also reduced amongst those who exercised. The benefits of exercise are thought to be better circulation and vascular health.

Exercise can be walking regularly and even carrying y0ur shopping. But other pieces of research have shown how movement with different exercise movement also helps. Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Swimming and Yoga are examples of exercise where there is stretching and movement that is different. Dancing with variations in movement have also been shown to be effective.

Exercise and movement helps us to also age well not just physically but also mentally.

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Living in a place of Wu chi and Depression…..




Many have heard of Yin and Yang and seen those figures which has a dark area and a light area. Wu chi though is this empty place before Yin and Yang develops…it has nothing. It is nothing and there is nothing. There is no yin and there is no yang.

When there is Tai chi. There is Yin and Yang. The yin and yang do not fight each other, are not fighting, not opposite. They complement each other and cannot be separated. Out of the white is black and out of the black is white. The beginning of the universe.

Often before the Wu chi is the space before the yang and yin. It is nothingness. When in the state of wu chi there is no state of happiness. It is empty and meaningless. Everyday is the same and nothing will happen. Everyday blends into another day. We only start to notice things when there is sadness or happiness. Nothing does begat nothing. When we are in the state of nothing that is when there is hope of development, hope of change into something more. This black hole – infinite density of heat and temperature. When we are there at our darkest is when to open to accept more – when we take risk we then move away from nothingness. We move to a beginning. Our own universe starts and develops when we take risks. Otherwise we are ourselves in Wu chi and emptiness. All the information of the universe is in the area – when we are nothing in there – we absorb everything outside and become more of a nothing in ourselves. Do you notice how people who worry about what others think of them, worry about doing things that please others….seem to be most empty inside? Emptiness inside also leads to us trying to fill up our lives with food, sex, alcohol, drugs and anything to avoid the emptiness. There is no hope for the future in this place. There is no future. Another word for the emptiness in today’s language is depression…….and for those in this space of Wu chi you will need to move to the space with the Tai chi….

©2014 Yasmin    Those who know me also know I like Chinese metaphysics and have been studying and learning it for decades now. I will be writing on this and its interrelationship with western approaches…..

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