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Sleeping in the Heat

FanIt went to a high of 32 degrees Centigrade today in London. That may not be much compared to some other really hot countries; but the houses, schools, colleges, shops and public transport in the UK are not built for the heat.  The concrete in so many buildings and pavements also adds to the heat.

There is a lot of humidity and sleeping can be difficult if you are feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. It certainly can leave you hot and bothered, exhausted and very tired.

Various things you can do to keep you and your house/flat cool.

Keep your curtains closed in the day-time. Then before going to bed, (if it is safe and off course not subject to burglary nor insects) open the windows to get a breeze.

Air-conditioning is often used in some of the hot countries that are used to hot weather but these can be bad for respiratory conditions. Have you sometimes found yourself catching a cold when staying in hotels with air-conditioning? If you can it is best to use an electric fan and do switch off all electrical items when you leave a room. Use cotton bedding and clothing. These are far better then polyester and artificial clothing.

Eat less and light and no alcohol is best….as although it does put you to sleep it does not keep you asleep. Best not to have a cold shower either. Lukewarm water is best as it wont close your pores and stop you sweating – that makes you feel hotter instead.

Have good sleep

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