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Throwing out our rubbish & garbage

Bins IMG_8805

In many parts of the UK the rubbish/bin collections have changed. Pick up times have been moved from weekly to every other week. So every two weeks we get our rubbish picked up. Outside my door are the two sizes of bins. The small green ones which I pack with rubbish for the weekly pick-ups and the large blue and green bins which will be for the every other two week pick-ups later on in June. It seems a silly topic to blog about.

But its like life. We often have to throw our garbage out. We have to erase and wipe out some part of our own hard drive (our mind) and make way for the rewriting the new and informed information we might now have. Information has to be ‘informed’ and not rubbish or garbage. Some people just go on and on with the rubbish being brought up back again and again – like an old awful boyfriend/girlfriend who should have been given their papers ages ago. Instead some rubbish is there right in the forefront rather then moving it away down the chute and then out and disposed of. Why is that? Why do we love our rubbish? Bring it up, open it and go through all the used and rotting food – again and again. Maybe even swim in it. Some of the times we even walk through and drink the bin/rubbish juice. Eugh. Maybe it needs recycled. Maybe it really needs thrown out. But certainly much more then the once every two weeks that the bin men are now going to do in my street. Our own personal bins should be looked at more regularly…..

©2016 Yaz

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Sleeping in the Heat

FanIt went to a high of 32 degrees Centigrade today in London. That may not be much compared to some other really hot countries; but the houses, schools, colleges, shops and public transport in the UK are not built for the heat.  The concrete in so many buildings and pavements also adds to the heat.

There is a lot of humidity and sleeping can be difficult if you are feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. It certainly can leave you hot and bothered, exhausted and very tired.

Various things you can do to keep you and your house/flat cool.

Keep your curtains closed in the day-time. Then before going to bed, (if it is safe and off course not subject to burglary nor insects) open the windows to get a breeze.

Air-conditioning is often used in some of the hot countries that are used to hot weather but these can be bad for respiratory conditions. Have you sometimes found yourself catching a cold when staying in hotels with air-conditioning? If you can it is best to use an electric fan and do switch off all electrical items when you leave a room. Use cotton bedding and clothing. These are far better then polyester and artificial clothing.

Eat less and light and no alcohol is best….as although it does put you to sleep it does not keep you asleep. Best not to have a cold shower either. Lukewarm water is best as it wont close your pores and stop you sweating – that makes you feel hotter instead.

Have good sleep

©2015 Yasmin

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Living in a place of Wu chi and Depression…..




Many have heard of Yin and Yang and seen those figures which has a dark area and a light area. Wu chi though is this empty place before Yin and Yang develops…it has nothing. It is nothing and there is nothing. There is no yin and there is no yang.

When there is Tai chi. There is Yin and Yang. The yin and yang do not fight each other, are not fighting, not opposite. They complement each other and cannot be separated. Out of the white is black and out of the black is white. The beginning of the universe.

Often before the Wu chi is the space before the yang and yin. It is nothingness. When in the state of wu chi there is no state of happiness. It is empty and meaningless. Everyday is the same and nothing will happen. Everyday blends into another day. We only start to notice things when there is sadness or happiness. Nothing does begat nothing. When we are in the state of nothing that is when there is hope of development, hope of change into something more. This black hole – infinite density of heat and temperature. When we are there at our darkest is when to open to accept more – when we take risk we then move away from nothingness. We move to a beginning. Our own universe starts and develops when we take risks. Otherwise we are ourselves in Wu chi and emptiness. All the information of the universe is in the area – when we are nothing in there – we absorb everything outside and become more of a nothing in ourselves. Do you notice how people who worry about what others think of them, worry about doing things that please others….seem to be most empty inside? Emptiness inside also leads to us trying to fill up our lives with food, sex, alcohol, drugs and anything to avoid the emptiness. There is no hope for the future in this place. There is no future. Another word for the emptiness in today’s language is depression…….and for those in this space of Wu chi you will need to move to the space with the Tai chi….

©2014 Yasmin    Those who know me also know I like Chinese metaphysics and have been studying and learning it for decades now. I will be writing on this and its interrelationship with western approaches…..

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The secret to a long and happy marriage

FlowersI have been watching with interest a Wedding of a relative recently. There is so much that goes into a wedding. They have planners at the hotel, then you have to plan things alongside them and the florists, the church, the registry, the reception, the dinner, the band and music. Cakes are especially purchased. In the same way cup cakes were branded by Lola’s, wedding cakes are also branded. So and so used this person to make their cake. It is not a simple unbranded thing – a cake.

Then there is the location, is it going to be in a Church? an Abbey? or a registry wedding?. Choice of hats; I was told hats are often worn. I went looking for hats and found a very scant selection at Marks and Spencer, Debenhams, Fenwicks and John Lewis up at Oxford Street. Hats used to have nearly a whole area of a  store assigned to them. Then there is even insurance for a cancelled wedding. There are so many programmes on TV about weddings. I remember weddings being much simpler and less complicated. Continue reading

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Haze and Smog is Dangerous to Your Health (Mind and Body)

I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last week and it was heart-breaking. I grew up in Malaysia and have family and friends living there. There was what was called ‘haze’. The photograph I took was in the middle of a sunny day. The ‘haze’ seemed to darken the sky. ‘Haze’ sounds a minor inconvenience. A little mosquito bite. Nothing of consequence.It really was smog and the pollution levels (API) were high; bad is about 150, severe is 300. There were reports of 760. When I went out I noted how I could taste the pollution. I could taste the wood and smoke particulates in my mouth. It was as though I was going out for a toxic meal everytime I opened my mouth and breathed it in. Burnt tree with Malaysian air was the speciality. The smog is occurring because there is forest burning in Indonesia.

Smog in KL

Smog in KL

When the Singaporeans complained about the pollution, the Indonesian government retorted that the Singaporeans were being ‘babies’. Lets think on this some more. This slash and burn and clearing which is causing untold damage to the air quality has been going on for over 20 years in the middle months of the year.

What does smog do? It is not just about quality of life but smog has oxidants. It has free-radicals which are absorbed into every part of our body. It causes respiratory problems. We do not just have a problem breathing, but also thinking. Our thought processes and cognitive functions are affected. Smog can make you stupid. Free radicals in the air are oxidative stress and an excess of free radicals will enhance aging and in the long term cause degenerative diseases. Think about it. This smog is just not a minor inconvenience but also will add to the list of possible diseases you will get – or anyone who visits will get. For example degenerative diseases which are associated with free radicals are: heart failure, cancer, Alzheimer disease, cognitive impairment, cataracts and macular degeneration. Psychiatric illnesses are also a possibility; autism, dementia, schizophrenia, anxiety, mood, sleeping and eating disorders have been associated with oxidative stress.

The smog is not just an inconvenience but also has other far reaching effects governments are unaware of.

How can you help ameliorate these free-radicals which are being given away so freely by governments who do not have enough protective policies in place?

Face masks with carbon filters are helpful.

Antioxidants as a means to counter the deleterious effects – vitamin E, Vitamin C, selenium, beta-carotene, lycopnene and other carotenoids.

Go out as little as possible and close your doors and windows – maybe with clingfilm to seal the air out.

Filters on air conditioning.

The best way is to do something about it. legislate. Fine the culprits heavily. Have a body in place that actually monitors this. Otherwise in the long-term these developing countries are really developing and hot housing some pretty horrible diseases for the future. Otherwise migration may be necessary…….to another area where there may not be such awful levels of air pollution….

©2013 Yasmin

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