Running on empty, self-care and the 7 servicing checks

running on Empty Today, running on empty seems to be a way of life. We keep ourselves awake with energy drinks, coffee, tea and energy foods. Where does the energy go, and for us to now need to consume energy in the form of liquids and solids? How did people manage years ago before they were invented? Were people just not getting out of bed ? What happened to our own internal energy that really keeps us going?  The motivation and the passion? How do we fill up at the petrol station with super motivation and run our own bodies for peak performance?

Self-care seems such a basic concept but even the car needs servicing – why not do the same for ourselves?

The following are the 7 service checks which helps you run smoothly.

1), The basics – the foundation. Movement is required. Movement and exercise to move our bodies. In some way or form we need to move our bodies daily.

2), We need to be aware of what we ingest. Food, water and air.

3), Our minds – this needs to be fed good food. Positive, resourceful, thoughtful and dynamic food. It must not be stale, poisonous, murderous, or come in violent forms. Beautiful flowers grow on fertile and rich soil. They die when there is no water and nutrients.

4), We mix in a world and who we rub shoulders with also rubs off on us. The old adage about ‘the company you keep’ runs true. This applies to the partners, friends, colleagues and acquaintances you keep.

5), Find the work that works for you and not one that you are a slave to. Find your passion and interest. No one will have that passion everyday and everytime,  but if it is there for greater than 50% of the time you are doing well.

6), Rest and Relaxation. Find what works for you. Even a car needs to cool down.

7), Time is our friend and needs to be held in mind. Schedules and plans are essential. Never forget to plan, and even to plan to plan to fit in all of the above.

©2013 Yasmin

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  1. 100 years ago going back people exercised as a way of life. They worked hard, hunted, cooked, cleaned, sewed, weaved…so there bodies were in good shape, no gyms needed for them to keep in shape, just everyday life. Food, well, no pesticides were used, so food if they could afford it was fresh grown or fresh killed, the operative word being fresh. There was no ‘extra’ time to consider ‘am I tired’, as there were choirs to be completed so life would continue. By the end of the day 7 or 8pm they were tired and ready for sleep.

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