Surfing Life

surfingI was watching surfers in San Diego. This was the first time I could see people do it ‘live’. I had often imagined surfers as seeming to go up and down constantly on a board and never spending much time in the water. An imagined wave after wave of thrills and rides. The truth is really something different. A great deal of time is spent in the water, bobbing around, waiting astride their boards for a wave to come along.

Not all the surfers can catch the wave, the particular wave, but they are all there waiting for their own wave. It depends on where they are positioned, whether they are ready and even where their board is placed when the wave eventually comes along.

We are also like surfers waiting for our own waves. Often though we find the wave we are waiting for is not really the one we really want. Did we meet the wrong people to hang out with? Did we go out on the wrong day? Did we wait in the wrong ocean? Or were we possibly born in the wrong decade? It can sometimes feel like one, if not all of the above. What is important is to be out there. To experience the waves, to see others also bobbing around and looking for their own waves too. Not to be imagining and fantasizing about the wave that was, the wave that we missed, or the wave that we should have and are entitled to.

What was interesting with the surfers was as to how those who seemed to be most congruent with themselves seem to choose the wave that seemed to be made for them. Maybe it is the experienced who can choose the best wave to express themselves. But there was something more; this experienced and lived sense of congruency internally and externally also helps us surf life at our best too.

Excuse me, I am now off to catch that wave…..hope to see you there….

©2013 Yasmin

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