Michele Obama’s Shorts and on Thinking Good

I note some commentary in the press today on Michele Obamas shorts. How interesting someone wearing shorts could take up so much space in ink and ether.

No shorts accepted - formal wear only

No shorts accepted - only formal wear

I grew up in the far East where laws seem to be set on what a woman could or could not wear. There seemed to be rules on what was acceptable or not acceptable. These rules seem to permeate even those who live in the Whitehouse. It looks like no one is free from comment. If the eyes do not see, then there would be no comment. It is not so much the wearer of the garment that interests me. It is the eyes and words of the person who makes the comment which interests me. Why is it printed where it is printed?

Why do women in shorts interest the person? What rules does the person commenting on it live by? Is that the only impediment that appears to disturb the person or are there other matters that also interest the person.

I have had clients who came to see me and were disturbed by the clothes women may wear. Some felt women were ‘asking for it’ when they dressed so provocatively. Some thought only pretty women should dress well. The ugly women should be hidden. Others thought there were rules on what a women should or should not wear depending upon her age. Some believed elderly women should only walk around in dark clothing and hide their bodies.

I have never ever had a client come to me disturbed by clothing men may wear.

Women appear to have more rules and restrictions on what they may or may not wear then men do. What is inside and a persons heart is more hidden. Someone could be dressed in the finest of silver and the most gorgeous of outfits but their heart and their soul could be so black it needs hidden by such finery.

Why do writers worry about the clothing or cellulite of women? Is that the easy way out? A simple way of looking at life? Why are women limited so much by appearances? Does this hold us back from developing further?

More women suffer from Body dysmorphic disorder or Body dysmorphia, as it is more commonly known. People who have this disorder are obsessively concerned and preoccupied by some self-perceived defect. This disorder does not appear to occur in cultures where there is little advertising and commercial development.

There is such an emphasis on looking good but not on thinking good.  Depression rates are high for women. It may be time to change the emphasis to address what is really going on. Our minds are precious fine instruments which will be with us all our lives. The body will change and age but the mind can grow and develop with time. The minds maturity will be the blessing we need in our old age.

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