Moving more Prosperity into your Life

Prosperity is often assumed to mean money  wealth. Prosperity today can also mean other things; it can mean joy, satisfaction, feelings of completeness, sense of belonging. It means so much more but is in itself a wealth to our lives. For some people prosperity means just that, they have a great deal of money and what money can buy. For others it is their family, children, partner, jobs, siblings and/or friends, it is where money best grows and time best develops.

We often recognise our prosperity more when we are able to see where we are in poverty with. Poverty can be the lack of money but it can also be poverty in family, children and all that is stated above. Poverty is putting money and time in areas where there is no growth and development. We know the poverty when it brings us no joy and does not help us grow. It is odd but at times we very often seem to work in the poverty zone rather then move to prosperity.

We stay in our weaknesses rather than go to our strengths. This is when poverty is even more accentuated. When clients come with problems with their partners and have had them for years, after awhile if they keep hitting a wall, it may be time to move on. There is no need to stay in poverty. Sometimes things just do not work and it cannot be fixed. Staying on together is to stay together in poverty. Think therefore of the prosperity and what could it look like? Could it look like that with your existing partner? Or do you need to change partners? Or even be on your own? Being on your own can be a prosperity after the poverty of an unhealthy partnership. This can also apply to the other areas discussed above. Not all of us have prosperity and poverty in the same zones. It may be time to expand your prosperity zone and to stop concentrating on your poverty zone.

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5 responses to “Moving more Prosperity into your Life

  1. Y

    Thanks for that…..

  2. Thought-provoking!

  3. I think of books like The Secret that teach us how to create prosperity, in all aspects, through our thoughts and emotions.

  4. Yaz

    thanks for your comment…..

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