“The biggest devil is me. I’m either my best friend or my worst enemy,” Whitney had said. We all need to make friends with our inner-devil.

I was so sad to hear of Whitney Houston’s demise. I would love to see people who are talented but are also addicted to drugs, living a long and productive life, but that rarely is the case.  It would be nice to beat the odds.  What was noticeable was Whitney having said that she is “the biggest devil is me, I am either my best friend or my own worst enemy”.  There are rumours that her former marriage had rumblings of domestic abuse. Her past seems to suggest the pain she was trying to run away from. If you have pain,  it is so important to try and face your own pain.  Many people who take drugs and/or who are involving their time in unhealthy behaviours are doing just that, masking their pain, allaying their ‘enemy’.

Your happiness does mean (as in Cowboy language) having to have that showdown at dawn at the ‘high corral’, that last meeting with your enemy and to talk it through with them. Otherwise this ‘enemy’ will always be popping up and giving you nasty surprises. Understanding your past is one of the ways of making friends with that ‘other’ you. Gosh we all have the enemy at times. The enemy within can be much more frightening than the enemy outside. The enemy that insists you stay in an unhappy relationship, that insists you pursue some imaginary life, the enemy that weaves a web of fantasy as to your strengths and talents. This is a frightening enemy that does not allow your real friend to come out. The highly critical voice needs to be acknowledged and not silenced with drugs. It always returns. Make friends with your inner-devil. Time to play with him or her…..

©2012 Yaz

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