What do you do with junk mail?

I was just looking through my junk mail. Sometimes good mail gets redirected there and needs to be rescued. Sometimes, I even have this strange hope there is some hidden gem hidden there. How odd that I could think that. Maybe a friend has tried to contact me. Maybe I have accidentally put some mail into junk. Looking at the junk mail we can see what fears we may all have. These are the fears the spammers are hoping to trigger. What gets triggered often brings on a behavioural reaction of a hoped for purchase of an item or service. Fears of loneliness, poverty, social inadequacy, unemployment…..the list goes on. The junk mail is the junk of our lives. It feeds and grows Junk Mailoff our fears.

If you buy this, you will attract women/men. If you have contacts you will make money. If you sign up for courses with this particular person – you will change for the better. Suddenly, all the fears will go, all will be well. It is interesting how it takes something out of ourselves to do it. Such external changes are rarely permanent. Internal changes are always the best. If we can raise the bar on our own junk mail setting – life would really be a much healthier inbox.

©2013 Yasmin

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