New Year and Stress Free Resolutions



New Years day itself, the 1st of January, begins tomorrow for some of us. For others, in different parts of the world, it has already started. It is a day and a date. The New Year of the Gregorian calendar is very similar to the Roman calendar. In 1751, England and Wales had changed the New Year from the 25th March to the 1st January. Can you imagine if it were still celebrated on the 25th of March? Would it make a difference? Would we be having Easter eggs and New Years day within the same time frame?

Meanwhile, I shall celebrate the New Years Eve this evening as New Years day has not changed again and is still set for the 1st of January.

Research on New Years resolutions show that New Year Resolutions often fail.  Why is that?

New Years resolutions are like any other goals. They do not have to be stressful at all. Things become stressful when we overstretch. Stretching is good but overstretching adds way too much unnecessary cortisol. Just because it is New Year does not mean any goals on such a day have a ‘magic’ quality, no effort is required, and they will somehow miraculously occur just because they are made a ‘goal’ or a ‘magic wish’ and it is the New Year. Often there are unconscious wishes and beliefs, which go on. I am wondering that maybe we have to choose those good old-fashioned SMART (Specific, measurable, achievable, Relevant and Timely) goals that also apply to every other time of year. A SMART goal is also not a stressy goal. If the goal is to stop smoking. Then the follow up to the goal needs to exist. There then needs to be the back up to the goal. Are they going to be replacement nicotine patches? Gum? Will all the ashtrays be out of the way? No other cigarettes or matches around. If you were to pass a cigarette machine everyday on the way to work or when walking the dog to then to take another route so you can avoid it and not have the trigger. To have alternative activities and exercise in place, to have gum or something low calorie to chew on. It is a day, like it was New Year on March 25th. It needs to have action steps in place for any goal or resolution to succeed. These and more have to be in place and each with be individual. A goal, even on New Year – has to have everything in place for it to succeed.

I wish you well with what and how you place your goals and resolutions….Now what shall I put on my list?

 ©2013 Yasmin

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