Keeping Mum and the icloud

Oh dear. Sometimes there are certain rules in life that are often forgotten. I forget them often myself. I remember as a child being told – if I was doing something I could not tell my mother – then I should not be doing it. The second thing in this internet age is that there is no such thing as privacy.


What to keep on your icloud – Keep only what mum can see…..

I wonder about the photographs that were put on icloud and have been recently hacked into. This was where some famous female celebrities photographs were redistributed online.

Is this something they could talk about and show their mothers? I do not see to see any photographs of nude men being mentioned amongst the collection of hacked photographs. Someone showed me some of the photographs and I remember thinking – what was going on? There is no such thing as privacy online. This exhibitionism and proliferation of selfies can be so unsafe. Anything that can be kept and used again can be used in a way none of us may plan. These days of webcams. Security cameras. Digital information. We are public everywhere we go.

I am so sorry to see this. Is this a gender thing where women have been socialized to see themselves in such a way or are men far better in not putting anything online? Or is it that hackers were mainly male and only looking for female nudes and there really are photographs of men too in such poses too? Are women too trustful and do not consider their own safety and security? If so, that is so sad and it must have been so traumatising for these individuals to see photographs which were assumed to be private – splashed online.  That would be such a painful Wu Chi feeling to experience. This feeling of loss, embarassment and upset. The wanting to disappear into emptiness. So maybe there is no such thing as privacy and maybe mum was right.

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  1. Excellent blog! Women are often the targets, as in other aspects of life this is true as well.

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