Greek tragedy and See-Saw Emotional Economics

seesawThere is talk of a Greek default to the International Monetary Fund, a default to the EU and many other and more defaults. This has been going on for a long time now. How many years? It seems OK and sorted and then we find out it goes back again to not just square one – but an even larger square. It seems a borderline economic scenario. The stock market will always recover in the end. Others will always have an interest in seeing things worked out or not. For some reason some markets seemed to have improved by the end of last Friday. The stock brokers make money by buying and selling, buying and selling when it goes up and when it goes down. The more we catastrophise the better… but is this something to also bring into our own lives? Should we also live with this emotional See-Saw too?

In our own lives if this keeps going on and on. It is time to get sorted out. If for example we get depressed/anxious but then better but then go back to being depressed/anxious… still go on again and again. Then it is time to settle and sort things out. Time we did something and go to the main cause of it all. If we have a spending addiction and live beyond our means then we have to sort it out. If we keep getting depressed and not seeming to get better then if the environment has been changed….maybe its time to change ourselves and how we think about things. It may not just be the people around us. It may be us. Sometimes it is hard to accept change and to move to other ways of thinking or being but that may be the best thing. Otherwise it may simply just going on and on from bad to worse. Throwing in good time and money after bad. That does not make it better. Best to throw out the See-Saw.

Often with catastrophising – it is a way to avoid taking action and avoid responsibility. Some people seem to move from disaster to disaster not knowing the middle way to things. Sometimes we just have to leave them to it. Watch and wait until things come to some sort of equilibrium. Usually things do sort out. Things do come to some sort of equilibrium. It always seems to work out in the end but the See-Saw can make us all feel so dizzy at times…..

©2015 Yasmin

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