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Depression can kill and the Lufthansa flight


Depression really is a killer. It kills your time on earth, your motivation and now we can see that it can also can kill those around you. We have discovered that the co-pilot of the Lufthansa flight where 150 lives were lost was suffering from depression. When a person is in severe depression they often believe that what they are doing is the right thing and there is no other way out. Those who are suicidal often have these feelings. They do not realize that tomorrow could be different and if young they may not have the knowledge that things can and do get better. Things can improve. Instead it has to be good now. Everything has to be right. There can be no deferred gratification.

One of my friends told me that years ago, she had been suffering from depression. When she realized that drinking, taking medication to sleep, overeating, staying in and simply hiding in bed was not the answer; she decided to get therapy. She was feeling suicidal but she had children and was aware that they needed a mother. She fortunately had that insight even in a depression. She knew she required time to get better. So she used her savings and spent 3 years in therapy. She is a very different person now and does realize she does have choice. In therapy she realised she also had to change the way she thought and did things. Some parents who have been depressed and suicidal have killed themselves and their children. Those who are depressed believe they are doing the right thing for them and their children. Most though, thankfully, do realise and do not even consider this option. Others I know have gone to a centre and have had a few sessions of therapy to help them.

But get something is a must. If you are feeling depressed and If the resources and the knowledge you have and the way you access them is not helping you now then find someplace and someone who can help. I am so sad for the people who lost their lives in this accident and so sad for their relatives and loved ones left behind. Sometimes I don’t think people take depression seriously enough. They laugh it off. Make jokes about it. Depression is a serious issue and it really does have an effect on those you love and those around you.

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