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Wu chi, emptiness and life repeating itself.

We are pattern-making creatures. We love patterns and repeating ourselves. The only problem arises when the pattern being repeated keeps us stuck and not moving forward.

Wu chi and patterns

Wu chi and patterns

In my last blog I wrote about Wu chi. This is the Chinese metaphysical place of emptiness. A place where everything is the same and nothing changes. In the movie  “Ground Hog day” the anti-hero there discovers the day keeps repeating itself again and again; until he eventually changes himself and not the environment. When he does eventually change himself; after trying every possible superficial permutation – only then does the day change, does his environment and his life change.

If we are in fear – we will keep meeting the place and people who keep us in fear. If we are anxious – we will keep doing the work and seeing the events which keep us locked into anxiety. If we are sad – we will keep thinking and being in the way which keep us in depression. Fear, anxiety, depression, stress are kept more tightly in place when we live in that wu chi.

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