Facebook Anxiety

Facebook Anxiety

Recently Doctors in Italy reported on a depressed 18-year-old who was dumped by his girlfriend and then upon seeing her picture on Facebook suffered an asthma attack.  He suffered an asthma attack everytime he accessed his ex’s profile. It was only when he stopped logging onto the site the attacks stopped.

Dr Gennaro D’Amato, from Naples, and two colleagues writing in The Lancet medical journal pointed out that psychological stress was a recognised cause of asthma attacks. Facebook can certainly bring up alot of stress whether one has asthma or not.

I have had many clients come to see me about their difficulties with Facebook. It seems to bring on many emotions; Envy from feelings and thoughts that others are doing better than they are, jealousy when seeing their ex’s now going out with others. Stalking of others seems to go on where they try to slurp up every activity and thought another person is doing. Facebook can add to the anxiety rather then reduce it. If you note yourself needing to spend alot of time on Facebook, waiting around for responses (rather then contacting people directly via phone or in person) then do look at what is going on.

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  1. J James

    Once a friend ‘unfriended’ me. That felt bad. It seems to draw me in. I always ask myself now if what I write is something I would like my parents to read. Yes, I do feel anxious with facebook. I used to find it calming and enjoyable. Thanks for writing on it.

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