Looking at Positive Reactions to the Riots

There were some positive reactions to the riots by those who were involved and affected by them. These are behaviours and thoughts we can all learn from.

http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2011/aug/10/london-riots-youtube-victim-malaysian. A young man named Asyraf Haziq from Malaysia who had been mugged twice. The first time he had been knocked off his bicycle and had it stolen. His jaw had been broken by the punch. He then sat dazed on the pavement. In the video you can see him being brought to his feet and in a display that sinks so low, those ‘good samaritans’ hang about to mug him (his second time experience of being mugged in such a short space of time) of the contents of his back-pack.

It was his reaction that was interesting. He was not angry, nor did he feel aggrieved. His ‘explanatory style’ was far more positive. He had said after the double mugging how he was sorry for the muggers and had been surprised as to how young they were. He seemed to be genuinely sorry for the people that mugged him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FGfZ2ommI0  A positive explanatory style has more positive outcomes for recovery in terms of mental and physical health.

Shop after the riots

I spoke to another person at a large convenience store in Ealing. The store had been vandalised and set alight. I had often seen her working at the store in the past. Her name is SuKiran and she was with a friend and sister writing out their thank-you signs on the boarded shop-front. When I asked SuKiran as to what she thought of the riots, did she feel they were targeted? She answered as to how she thought it was a one-off and they were not certainly targeted. The rioters were looking for alcohol and cigarettes and it was not personal.  SuKiran also said how supportive the community are and that they will be back. She and her sister and her friend continued working on the sign on the shop-front. There was alot of devastation to the shop and upstairs a petrol bomb had been thrown at the roof. It had caught fire and much of the top floor is now exposed and open to the elements. The pipes had burst and water damage had also added to the destruction. The Oxfam store to the left of the building had also suffered water-damage.


Thank you message to the community

We Will Be Back

SuKiran said they are all planning to return. Here she is with a friend and her sister. You can see them on Facebook at :  facebook@ealinggreenlocal


SuKiran (on the far right) and her sister and friend.

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