Funny thing resolutions; they often get forgotten and then seem to be recycled and used again and again, year after year.  It is almost as if resolutions are eco-friendly and have a “Do not dispose of “ sticker on them.  What I am going to suggest is that we have not a resolution but to have a “solution”.  It is about time to have some changes set in place in our lives.  After all, the human race is meant to be an intelligent people.  IQ scores have risen over the last two decades.  People are meant to be smarter but a new years resolution does not seem to have much staying power.  Here therefore is what I propose for your New Years Solutions.

  1. Make your goals in a state of sobriety.  Take out pen and paper and write them down.  List them out and go through them, they have to be important to you.
  2. Are they SMART goals? Are they Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.  They need to be all those things to make them stand the test of a year.  There is no sense in writing about becoming a major football player in the next year if you do not have the physical and mental skillset to play football and are not even on the circuit.  A New Years Solution (NYS) is not about fantasy but is about reality and something that has possibility.  For example to get fit, that is my goal.  I have been working on the last year in that and have in place schedules, times, appointments to make it even more of a reality. How will I have it in place?  What will it look like?  How will I know I have achieved it?  If its physical.  Photograph/ draw it out and state the condition it is in. Have a before image/idea kept in space and time as then a change can be more noted.  What could you reward yourself with if you achieved that goal? Imagine that reward?  Is the reward the solution itself?
  3. Write it down and tell people about it.  Making it public adds credence and seriousness to your NYS.
  4. Note your intentions in making such a NYS’s.  What lies behind it? What is the intention?  Our intentions and what we send out into the world is very important.
  5. Write out your schedules, calendar it in.  Fit it in and stick to it.  If it falls back for a week fit it in again.  Make sure it is in your life.  Make it consciously there and on wall calendars, make appointments with personal trainers, start it up.  Highlight it in your agenda and calendars.
  6. Check it fits in with the time you have allocated it.  Give yourself extra time.  Check out at the end of every week, month and months as to how you are doing?  Write out a scale, is it weight, helping with your movement, strengthening your muscles, what is the area?  How will you know you have achieved it?
  7. At the end of the year and a month before the next new year (Whew, that was quick, it is nearly 2013).  Have a look at how you have done. Has there been any change?  Any improvements? Is there anything you need to add or subtract?  Is there anyone you maybe need to consult with?
  8. Reward yourself for having achieved and moved towards your goal.
  9. Set up a new years solution.  Adapt the present one or make it a completely new one.

Maybe I should have added another point. Make it fun. It needs to be fun and enjoyable too. Nothing is worse than a New Years Boring Solution.

©2011 Yaz

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