Depression and the 21st Century

We live in the 21st century. There is more food than we need in the western world. Obesity is on the rise. There are still butter and sugar mountains in the European Union. Food is not the issue it once was. Many more live in homes than are homeless. More are working than are not working. Women do not have to necessarily stay within the strict rules of social behaviour. They can be married, live with someone or live alone. Women are more highly educated than they were at the start of the last century. I remember 30 years ago being told, it was not healthy nor necessary to educate girls.Children now go to school for longer than they used to in the early 20th century. More go to university now than ever did. Yet, depression rates seem to have risen. It makes you wonder doesn’t it? Are we more aware now of depression and what depression is? Or have our expectations grown even more?

I met someone recently who seemed to have all the signs of depression; feeling low, not feeling any hope for the future, feeling guilt for no reason at all and not enjoying the things that usually make her feel happy. She was unaware she was depressed and as to how it had been going on for over 6 months. Many do not know they are depressed and seem to avoid the feelings by drinking, over or under-eating, gambling, spending excessively or sometimes being very mean with their money. Depression is a useful way of telling us we need to do something about our lives. We need to make some changes. There is no need to stay in depression if you do not have too.

©2011 Yaz

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