Endings in The Olympics and in Life….

Hands up those who remember the ending in the Olympics?

Hands up those who remember the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics? Umm, there seems to be more hands up for the Opening ceremony.

This is often the preferred way in life too. Tickets for the Opening ceremony for both the Olympics and the Paralympics cost more than the Closing Ceremony. More effort was also put into the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics than the Closing Ceremony. The closing ceremony was a series of last minute invites to some pop stars. Some bands had been only asked to do it a few weeks before, but the opening ceremony had months of preparation involved in it.

The Paralympics are on now. The same things will play out too. I often find that clients can have wonderful beginnings but then things seem to taper out for some and for others they do very well. Most though do find endings harder to do and often rather try and avoid it. Some have paid me for the session but not turned up, others seem to cancel and cancel and avoid it.

As a therapist, endings are one of the most important things we look for. I often work to have as good an ending as possible but if someone has experienced a series of very bad endings in their lives then this is most likely to be replicated. Too many bad endings can add to depression.

Why have a good ending? People with good endings have far better lives. Their relationships last longer through the ups and downs of life. If they leave they also leave good intact relationships behind. They work for longer in jobs, and when they leave, they leave behind a good network of friends. Leaving on bad terms leaves many burnt bridges. Behaviours are very affected by what we think about endings and how we approach them.

When the ending for the Paralympics is on soon. Think as to what may have been a better ending. Our beginnings are not just important but so are our endings. Think of the endings in relationships, jobs, schooling, and families, which of them could be improved? Then start applying it from today onwards. Endings can also be about growth. We often forget to put effort into the ending; it is after all just the beginning…….

The Beginning.

©2012 Yasmin

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  1. An excellent observation and quite true.

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