Returns and Choice

I went to one of the well known furniture superstores the other week. There was a section called “Returns”. It seems you can return things if they have been unopened and unused if they are returned within 90 days with your till receipt. Some people use returns in stores after using the item. Some businesses such as those for photographic shoots depend upon this returns policy as it would cost too much to buy the item outright for only one shoot.

I was wondering if there was something you could return what would it be?

Would it be your partner/spouse? Your pet? Your children? Your life up to now/a certain age?

Why would you now return it/them? Unfortunately, or fortunately, many people and items in our lives do not have a return with till receipt stuck onto them. What made us choose them in the first place? What happens when too much is returned at the same time? Can there be a complete abandonment of everything, a return of everything we had in our lives previous to the time-line we are now in?

Sometimes there are collections we need to make instead. Those with the biggest ‘returns’ consider suicide. Sometimes all the returns popping up in their minds can be so insurmountable. The decisions  made just do not fit in with reality of the life being lived. It becomes an emotional accounting nightmare. I always advise doing one thing at a time and not to rush the ‘returns’. There are also ‘keepers’; the friends, colleagues, work, places, family and people we find growth and strength in. Yes, at times they almost also go to the ‘returns’ list but I always advise clients not dump them into the returns bin just at this moment. To hold off, keep going, to remember the possible ‘collections’ and the ‘keepers’ in life. Sometimes though, all that is required is a good tidy-up……..

©Yaz 2012

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  1. What a brilliant and creative piece! A wonderful way to view or review one’s life. Me, I would return my white hair for my original color 🙂

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