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Depression and the 21st Century

We live in the 21st century. There is more food than we need in the western world. Obesity is on the rise. There are still butter and sugar mountains in the European Union. Food is not the issue it once was. Many more live in homes than are homeless. More are working than are not working. Women do not have to necessarily stay within the strict rules of social behaviour. They can be married, live with someone or live alone. Women are more highly educated than they were at the start of the last century. I remember 30 years ago being told, it was not healthy nor necessary to educate girls.Children now go to school for longer than they used to in the early 20th century. More go to university now than ever did. Yet, depression rates seem to have risen. It makes you wonder doesn’t it? Are we more aware now of depression and what depression is? Or have our expectations grown even more?

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Depression, Suicide, Gary Speed and Football.

I was saddened to hear today of a suicide by a football manager named Gary Speed.  Gary Speed had the looks, the money, the life and was fit and healthy. Many are left surprised as to how he could have killed himself. Football is often called “The Beautiful Game” and I know many who love the game so much they will watch every match they can. I have many nephews who ardently follow their favourite teams, know so much about what is going on in football, scream at matches and dress up excitedly to see a match in their teams colours.

Gary Speed was 42 years of age, had two children and was married. He was doing well and had also been a successful footballer for Wales. Many of the comments being made in the press and on the news was as to how;  it was unexpected, he seemed happy, and it seemed to be impossible to have imagined the man who had everything to have ever committed suicide.

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November 28, 2011 · 11:56 am

How thinking can be in our genes – 5-HTT gene, depression and anxiety

Whether people become depressed after stressful or traumatic experiences can be influenced by their genes. Genetics plays its part in our lives from day one. The 5-HTT gene helps to control levels of serotonin, a brain chemical which passes messages between brain cells and affects mood . The 5-HTT gene comes in the short and the long form and everyone has the two versions. Those who have the two copies of short version and who have also mistreated as children, bullied, and in people who have certain medical conditions are more likely to suffer from depression. Continue reading

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Money, Bernie Madoff, his son, suicide and depression.

It was with sadness I read of the suicide of Bernie Madoff’s son, Mark Madoff over the week-end. I have no idea as to how much he may or may not have been involved in the ponzi scheme which his father ran and which fraudalently stole a reputed 50 billion dollars; from large institutions to small investors.  There were many celebrities, reputedly even Kevin Bacon and his wife who lost all the millions they invested bar the house they were living in.  A few others who were the victims of his fraud have also reputedly also commited suicide. Money, loss and its after-effects does seem to bring repercussions. Continue reading

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Ebay and why negative feedback may be important

I recently made a purchase of a table on Ebay and the advertisement for the item stated ‘picture does not do it justice’. After winning the bid and having had someone pick it up, I discovered it has a hole drilled at the top of the table and is damaged and broken behind. This certainly brought new meaning to the word ‘picture does not do it justice’.
In Ebay there is a 60 day time limit on sorting things out before giving bad feedback. After contacting the seller and after much reflection I gave it negative feedback. In Ebay there are three different forms of feedback we can give; Positive, Neutral and Negative. It is interesting as to how easy it is to give positive feedback but negative feedback is sometimes very difficult to give. At times I have avoided giving a negative feedback even though it may be well deserved. It seems a common thing to avoid giving negative feedback.

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Depression: The facts and the steps to take

Depression is such a biggie. Often when people have it for the first time they have no idea they are going through a depression. It often takes a visit to a doctor to wake someone up to the fact they are going through a depression. First and foremost, clinical or major depression is growing at an incredible rate.

People of all ages, backgrounds, lifestyles, and nationalities suffer from major depression, with a few exceptions.

Up to 20% of people experience symptoms of depression.

10 times more people suffer from major depression now than in 1945.

The average age of first onset of major depression is 25-29

Major depression is the No.1 psychological disorder in the western world. It is growing in all age groups, in virtually every community, and the growth is seen most in the young, especially teens. At the rate of increase, it will be the 2nd most disabling condition in the world by 2020, behind heart disease. Continue reading

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Marie Osmond, Child Depression and Suicide.

Marie Osmond at the Flamingo in Las Vegas.

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Avatar, Movies and Depression.

A client recently commented on how she felt ‘down’ after watching Avatar. There have been reports that Avatar can cause depressive thoughts. It does not surprise me that people can have a reaction when they view certain movies. People pay money to ‘feel’. Amusement and theme parks, Boat rides, Gambling, Gaming and more. A movie allows us to live in another character, another world for a few hours. A movie brings up emotions, a wide range of emotions which can be accessed through the characters and narrative in the movie. Continue reading


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