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Facebook Anxiety

Facebook Anxiety

Recently Doctors in Italy reported on a depressed 18-year-old who was dumped by his girlfriend and then upon seeing her picture on Facebook suffered an asthma attack.  He suffered an asthma attack everytime he accessed his ex’s profile. It was only when he stopped logging onto the site the attacks stopped.

Dr Gennaro D’Amato, from Naples, and two colleagues writing in The Lancet medical journal pointed out that psychological stress was a recognised cause of asthma attacks. Facebook can certainly bring up alot of stress whether one has asthma or not.

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‘Do the Moi’ and our relationship with ourselves

I just love relationships. They are so complicated yet so simple. It is never boring and will never get monotonous. Why do we so often make things more complicated than they really need to be? One of the most important things we can do is to be direct and open with our partner. Yet, how many people can say that they are direct with their partner let alone themselves? Can anyone be direct with another if they do not know the self?  Ourself, yourself,oneself; So many selves – wise people have said ‘know thyself’ but never have directed us as to how to be direct with ourselves. Continue reading

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Ebay and why negative feedback may be important

I recently made a purchase of a table on Ebay and the advertisement for the item stated ‘picture does not do it justice’. After winning the bid and having had someone pick it up, I discovered it has a hole drilled at the top of the table and is damaged and broken behind. This certainly brought new meaning to the word ‘picture does not do it justice’.
In Ebay there is a 60 day time limit on sorting things out before giving bad feedback. After contacting the seller and after much reflection I gave it negative feedback. In Ebay there are three different forms of feedback we can give; Positive, Neutral and Negative. It is interesting as to how easy it is to give positive feedback but negative feedback is sometimes very difficult to give. At times I have avoided giving a negative feedback even though it may be well deserved. It seems a common thing to avoid giving negative feedback.

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Depression: The facts and the steps to take

Depression is such a biggie. Often when people have it for the first time they have no idea they are going through a depression. It often takes a visit to a doctor to wake someone up to the fact they are going through a depression. First and foremost, clinical or major depression is growing at an incredible rate.

People of all ages, backgrounds, lifestyles, and nationalities suffer from major depression, with a few exceptions.

Up to 20% of people experience symptoms of depression.

10 times more people suffer from major depression now than in 1945.

The average age of first onset of major depression is 25-29

Major depression is the No.1 psychological disorder in the western world. It is growing in all age groups, in virtually every community, and the growth is seen most in the young, especially teens. At the rate of increase, it will be the 2nd most disabling condition in the world by 2020, behind heart disease. Continue reading

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Moving more Prosperity into your Life

Prosperity is often assumed to mean money  wealth. Prosperity today can also mean other things; it can mean joy, satisfaction, feelings of completeness, sense of belonging. It means so much more but is in itself a wealth to our lives. For some people prosperity means just that, they have a great deal of money and what money can buy. For others it is their family, children, partner, jobs, siblings and/or friends, it is where money best grows and time best develops.

We often recognise our prosperity more when we are able to see where we are in poverty with. Poverty can be the lack of money but it can also be poverty in family, children and all that is stated above. Poverty is putting money and time in areas where there is no growth and development. We know the poverty when it brings us no joy and does not help us grow. It is odd but at times we very often seem to work in the poverty zone rather then move to prosperity. Continue reading


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Eastenders; soap and its cleansing qualities for therapy and the soul.

Eastenders is a ‘soap’ drama and is weekly viewing for many millions of viewers in the UK. It has been going on for over 20 years and is based on characters in the East-end of London. I even know people in the USA who also watch it on their own networks too. In America, it is around two years behind the series in the UK and by the time it arrives in the US,  a character in the UK may have been wounded, raped, murdered, fathered a child he never knew about 20 years ago or become the mayor of London.

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The Duffy Effect; Gordon Brown, Mrs Duffy and Catastrophisation

Mrs Duffy and Gordon Brown

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Ash and volcanoes; catastrophising and what if’s

Eyjafjallajoekull (Yur gat a kurt-clek) Volcano

Ashes to ashes

Over the last week the aeroplanes were grounded. I live in west London and it is common to hear aeroplanes fly overhead every thirty minutes. Sometimes they are so loud when I am in town conversation stops.  It has been pleasant and very quiet not hearing airplanes fly overhead. The loss to industry has however run into the millions. It does not only affect the airlines but also all the airline services, baggage, meals, cleaning, deliveries, overseas post, decisions and meetings had also been delayed or cancelled. So many people I know have not been able to get back. Continue reading


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World-cup anticipation, Sugar and the Township in Cape Town

Cape-town is in the middle of World Cup anticipation. Colours are flying, plants are being planted, streets being cleaned.  It is a truly beautiful city.

Sugar our guide is on the right

Last week I was shown round a township called Langa by ‘Sugar’ (who lives there) in Cape town. Sugar is a vibrant and energetic 22 year old with a smile of white perfect teeth that frame her face into a large bright sun. Sugar moves around cape town and the township as naturally as a fish swims in the sea. People are shown around the townships to educate them on the governments move towards providing permanent housing. Continue reading


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Marie Osmond, Child Depression and Suicide.

Marie Osmond at the Flamingo in Las Vegas.

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