Life returns and tax


Along with millions of other people in the UK. I was preparing my tax returns for the 31st of January deadline. Other countries have a different deadline. It is a sobering experience preparing the accounts. Putting them together. Looking and dragging out old invoices, statements and receipts. Dredging through old emails and files. Adding them up, clicking and cutting and pasteing.

The reality of adding up the figures of what is or is not there. Every year we can put this together and get an idea of how much into the black or red we are. Such a clever way of finding out where we are numerically. Such a clever way for the government to add to their coffers. Who owes what and how much?

In some ways we need to have such a system to measure how far we go in our own lives. Are we just stuck or moving onwards or downward? How do we measure how we are moving? What parameters do we use? Just the black and white of figures? Our vices? The place we live in? The car we own? Our dogs? Cats? Our partner or the one we found or lost? Our children? The articles, books we have published? The jewellery we now have or lost? These things and more can be added and subtracted in our own personal tax year. Then what about the lies, untruths, deceptions – not only to others but also to ourselves? How do we tally these up? What about large corporations that do not pay tax? People that avoid it? Do they avoid life too? Or do some also have their cake and eat it? Continue reading

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Positive Intentions for a Good New Year


Intentions and Coming New Year

In anything we do; conscious or unconscious – comes an intention. Intentions can make the year as poor or even better then it could ever be. We are so powerful. Our ability to change not just the weather is also our ability to change our own feelings and mood.

We can feel a little ho hum about something. Indifferent, irritated – but we can change it and adapt the feeling and make it even better. We can wake ourselves up from a state of sleep to one of movement and joy. Its funny peculiar how no one comes to see me because they are too happy. Instead people come to see me when they are feeling sad, depressed or anxious. Happiness takes time and effort. It does not always come naturally. A good new year will also take effort and with every hurdle we have to jump higher and higher. I wish you a good new year and one where the road rises up to meet you. The winds always be at your back. The sun shines warm upon your face…..and most of all – that you feel like it does.

May you have a Wonderful New Year

©2015 Yaz

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Making life simple and lowering stress by cutting down on social communication

IMG_7525In a world of choice; We have Skype, Wats app, Messenger, Text, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much much more. I have been wondering if we maybe have too much and too many. Its hard enough keeping up with the world as it is. Why not do one or a few things well and then let go of the many that are hard to keep up with in the time we do have? I often advise clients who are suffering from stress and anxiety to let go of some of their ‘means’ of communication. It is hard to know how and when to meet people as it is. In the end to choose one or a few…but not all. Real friends would not mind adapting to your needs. Real friends would understand your need to cut down different media in order to have real time to communicate. It does work and does reduce anxiety.  I knew someone who had over 6000 people following him on instagram. But when it came down to it. He knew hardly anyone who was there and he often felt lonely. Chatting online and filling it with online people we have never met looks like it fills the emptiness… but when you shut down the phone the emptiness returns.  As humans we are built to communicate. If we cannot be with a person, then a phone call or skype does help but our eyes, hands, face and body all are built to communicate.  It always helps to see and be with people.


©2015 Yaz

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Halloween and negative and positive feelings

Halloween MaskHalloween is a celebration on the eve of the western Christian feast of All Hallows Day. It happens every year on the 31st of October. Children and adults run around wearing scary outfits and go trick and treating for candy. Scary movies and Halloween programmes are presented as a buffet to feast on television. The scary movies and thoughts abound. It is also a very creative time too and some of the costumes are so creative and exploratory. The creative seems to be able to sit and grow on the back of Halloween.

Negative feelings seem to be easier to bring about then positive feelings in a movie. Why is that? It is because the area of the negative is easier to activate then the positive. We are naturally galvanised to the negative. It is far easier to think of the negative then the positive. For some it is Feelings of fear, anxiety, concern, worries, doubts, anger, hatred, annoyance, dislike, jealousy that are far easier to awaken then feelings of love, joy, happiness, care, tenderness, confidence, like, awe, and gratitute.

Halloween is a time when it is OK to have any feelings of fear and disgust. The rest of the time though it is also important to also have other non-halloween feelings and to have a wide range of positive emotions at hand, to be able to go easily at will to other more positive emotions for the rest of the year. The other 364 days of the year……..

©2015 Yasmin

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Stress and just simply breathing in….

Stress is a common condition to have these days. If we were to think back, back to the 60s, 70s, 80s…when people used to wear those large lealingapel jackets, wide bell-bottoms, very fluffy hair. Do you remember the roads? In documentaries, movies, don’t they seem nearly empty? Very little seems to be there. The cars seem to move freely and there were no real traffic jams. I was just walking in Ealing today and the traffic was chocca. Then, there were fewer people. Something like 3 billion people in the world. There are now 7+ billion people on this earth. It is inevitable that we will feel more stress from more people and more demands being made upon us. How do we all fit in? But we seem to dont we? Passing your driving test was a simple thing. There was no separate theory and practical test. There were fewer markings on the road. Less to interfere with your driving. Fewer cars and people to navigate around. When I take a stress test and use my biofeedback machine on a client I find there is a considerable lowering in stress levels when people learn to use autogenics, mindfulness, hypnotism or guided imagery. Thinking differently helps. It really does help to reduce stress. Or whenever you feel stressed it may really help to just stop and take a deep breadth in and out. Sometimes the simplest things are a very good way to start.

©2015 Yasmin

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Real and Pseudo CBT

CBT BooksA friend of mine went to see a therapist between 2014 and 2015. They had signed up for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) at a Therapy centre in central London. It was a chance conversation I had with my friend…for me to realise no CBT had been carried out after nearly a whole year of very expensive therapy at Harley Street….even though that is what my friend had requested. No assessment forms, not even the basic hot cross buns on the first or second session. No assessments as the sessions went on. Continue reading


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Sleeping in the Heat

FanIt went to a high of 32 degrees Centigrade today in London. That may not be much compared to some other really hot countries; but the houses, schools, colleges, shops and public transport in the UK are not built for the heat.  The concrete in so many buildings and pavements also adds to the heat.

There is a lot of humidity and sleeping can be difficult if you are feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. It certainly can leave you hot and bothered, exhausted and very tired.

Various things you can do to keep you and your house/flat cool.

Keep your curtains closed in the day-time. Then before going to bed, (if it is safe and off course not subject to burglary nor insects) open the windows to get a breeze.

Air-conditioning is often used in some of the hot countries that are used to hot weather but these can be bad for respiratory conditions. Have you sometimes found yourself catching a cold when staying in hotels with air-conditioning? If you can it is best to use an electric fan and do switch off all electrical items when you leave a room. Use cotton bedding and clothing. These are far better then polyester and artificial clothing.

Eat less and light and no alcohol is best….as although it does put you to sleep it does not keep you asleep. Best not to have a cold shower either. Lukewarm water is best as it wont close your pores and stop you sweating – that makes you feel hotter instead.

Have good sleep

©2015 Yasmin

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